Prevent Data Loss

Hard Disk Sentinel
H.D.S. Hungary
Hard Disk Sentinel was created to help Windows users to analyze and monitor the performance...
...a wide variety of data storage containers, provide ...utility helps you prevent data loss due to hard...
Ashampoo HDD Control
ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
Computers usually warn us about an imminent drive failure either when it’s already too late or at the point...
...most of our data has become irrecoverable ...save your valuable data before it’ ...to prevent data loss.
Hard Drive Inspector
Hard Drive Inspector is a system management tool that helps ensure that your...
...your disk protected through preventative measures so that ...risk for losing your data to a crash. Hard...
R-Drive Image
R-Tools Technology Inc.
R-Drive Image can create backups of all the contents of a given partition. Moreover, it lets you create...
...intended to restore data, particularly when the ...and helps you prevent data loss in practically all...
Passmark Software
DiskChekup can collect and process information about hard disks, including...
...necessary measures and avoid data loss. However, two ...to interpret the data provided. Fortunately...
Hard Disk Sentinel Pro
H.D.S. Hungary
“Better safe than sorry” could well be the motto of the new version of Hard Disk Sentinel Professional...
...diagnose – and thus prevent – any possible failure ...a portable version, data destruction tools, disc...
Active@ Hard Disk Monitor
LSoft Technologies Inc.
Active@ Hard Disk Monitor is a Windows utility developed for users...
...when exporting SMART data reports (TXT) ...a great solution for preventing data loss on your PC.
ViewPower is an advanced UPS management software. It allows remote monitor and manage...
...can not only prevent data loss from power outage ...also store programming data and scheduled shutdown...
Ocster Backup Pro
Ocster GmbH & Co. KG
Exceptionally easy and powerful backup tool. Supports Cloud Backup to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google...
...shortcuts to backup the data from many applications (Windows...
Retrospect, Inc
Retrospect provides complete protection with backup, archive, and duplicate features...
...and no lock-in. Data Hooks are extensible dashboard...
Backup Magic
Moon Software
Backup Magic is intended to help you back up important information by creating...
...many causes of data loss. Not only might data be lost ...help you protect your data with little effort.
Websense Data Endpoint
Websense, Inc.
Websense® Data Endpoint picks up where network data loss prevention (DLP) and discovery...
...up where network data loss prevention (DLP) and ...time action to prevent the data...
iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone
iMyfone Technology Co.,Ltd.
iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone is the world best data recovery software for iPhone. It can recover various...
...and want data back? iMyfone Data Recovery for ...need to select the data loss scenarios and the...
ByStorm Software LLC
FileSure is targeted file auditing, real-world data loss prevention, and comprehensive endpoint security—all in one simple...
...file auditing, real-world data loss prevention, and comprehensive endpoint security...
Shopping Companion
Brent Shelton
Shopping Companion is an easy-to-use program for managing a shopping database and printing shopping...
...). Changes are automatically saved preventing data loss if computer shuts down...

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